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Fem Boss Incubator's MUST ATTEND Virtual Town Hall

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         I have done a handful of really big things in my career, but this opportunity will 10K my impact and I can’t wait to share it with our community.”
-Susan Sly, Founder of Fem Boss Incubator

Just Picture This For A Moment…

Co-Founder of Your
Tech Idea

Susan Sly
Co-Founder of Your
Tech Idea

Jared Yellin
Co-Founder of Your
Tech Idea

      I Know I Am Being Vague, But Trust Me,
Everything Will Make Sense Once You Attend
Our Virtual Town Hall Session

Subject - trust me!

Hello Fellow Fem Boss Incubator members!

First off…THANK YOU!

Thank you for believing in me…
Thank you for supporting our community…
Thank you for being you!

Fem Boss Incubator was born from my personal desire to create human connection with like-minded, heart centered, and mission driven entrepreneurs from around the world. 

Although I had big ambitions, I must admit, what we have co-created is 10K more than I could have ever imagined and then some,

The love, support, generosity, commitment, intentionality and more has filled my cup and left me in a state of complete abundance.


I felt like we were simply scratching the surface.

Have you ever experienced this type of tug-of-war where you are living in a complete state of gratitude BUT deep down inside you know you are still playing small?

I yearned for our community to co-create more…
I yearned for our community to co-impact more…
I yearned for our community to co-earn more…

And the universe heard my wishes and introduced me to Jared Yellin.

Jared is what I call a true visionary and in many ways someone who makes me wildly uncomfortable because he sees within me what I have yet to encounter and as a result…

I am going for 10K with our community…

10K creation…
10K impact…
10K earning…

And during our virtual Town Hall on date at time you will be exposed to the most important message and opportunity of my life as an entrepreneur.

I wish I could share more - trust me I do - but the message will land with even more positive intensity when we are all together.

We are expecting 1,000’s and I hope to see you there.

Much Love,

Susan Sly

Virtual Town Hall With Susan Sly

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